Ligo will search for quantum gravity

The German scientist Karl Schwarzschild liked Einstein’s general relativity. In 1915, Einstein published his general relativity. Its main purpose was to eliminate the defects of Newton’s gravitation and to establish a new theory of gravitation. For this he gave birth to gravitational field theory. Schwarzschild went on to solve that field theory and received the news of a surprising death of a star. But for that the star has to be very heavy. At least three times that of the sun. No one knew about such stars before. Not even astronomers. You know how, the star can’t be seen. Absolutely black is like a black hole, hence its name Blackhole. But black things can also be seen.

Schwarzschild said the heavy stars began to shrink very quickly when the inner fuel ran out. The substances inside come very close. The density of stars continues to increase rapidly. The gravitational force of the star also increases with the scale. Once completely collapsed, the star takes on the shape of a dot. Of course, the definition of a point in geometry is not so small as the size of a black hole. If our earth had somehow turned into a black hole, its radius would be only 0.6 centimeters, and in the case of the Sun, the radius would be about 5 and a half centimeters.

When a star turns into a black hole, its volume only decreases to such an extent that its mass does not decrease even a drop. His gravitational force became terrifying. The release velocity of the gravitational field will be greater than the velocity of light. So even if you want light, you can’t get out of the gravitational field of a black hole. Gravity pulls such a giant that it is natural that we cannot see the object, even the light from which it does not escape. If we want to see an object, we have to reflect light from it, but we will not see it only if that light falls on the retina of our eye. So how do we know the existence of a black hole? The blind man has a sadachari in his hand. Scientists also have a scientific tool quantum mechanics বের to find black holes in the infinite space. Quantum mechanics or particle mechanics stands on the theory of uncertainty. Which was erected by the German physicist Warner Heisenberg in the twenties of the last century. After analyzing that theory, another theory — quantum fluctuation — comes out. This theory says that emptiness is not actually emptiness. There is power hidden inside him. Virtual particles provide that energy.

In 1926, the British physicist Paul Dirac discovered an amazing particle. He said that every particle in the universe will have an antiparticle. Ordinary particles and their antiparticles have the same mass, but the charge is opposite. The mass of electrons and positrons is equal. But the charge of positron is positive. Similarly, the mass of proton and antiproton is equal but the charge of proton is positive and the charge of antiproton is negative. Neutrons have no charge, yet they have anti-neutrons. That was possible because of the quarks. Neutrons made of anti-quarks are actually anti-neutrons. When a pair of particles and antiparticles come in contact with each other, both are destroyed. Only fall in the form of energy, light or photons.

In fact, the game of creation and destruction of these particles is always going on in space. Scientists say that pairs of particles and antiparticles are being created everywhere at every moment. But they are very fleeting. As soon as they are born, they collide with each other and are destroyed. There is energy. That energy creates a pair of particles and antiparticles again. This is how the game of breaking down virtual particles is going on in nature. It is these virtual particles that give rise to black holes.

Schwarzschild showed that the radius of the black hole is very small. But its attractiveness is not so small. The original black hole is actually a small dot, called a singularity. Outside of this is the gravitational field of the black hole. It could be a circle a few kilometers in diameter. The place where the gravitational field of a black hole ends is called the Event Horizon. The Schwarzschild radius extends from the center of the black hole to the event horizon. Outside of this radius, that is, outside the event horizon, no force of attraction of the black hole works. But this is an event on the horizon that makes the black hole visible. Pairs of virtual particles are formed very close to the event horizon. Before they destroy each other, they fall into the horizon. The other particle may not fall on the event horizon. Can go out into space. This particle then receives energy from the black hole. That energy radiates and the particle becomes bright. Radiation rings are then formed outside the event horizon. This type of radiation is called Hawking radiation. And seeing that radiation ring, the hadith matches the black hole.

But the news inside the black hole did not match even today. There is a possibility, scientists say. However, that cannot be explained by Einstein’s theory of gravitation. This will require quantum gravity. But scientists have not yet discovered a complete theory or explanation of quantum gravity. However, the light of hope is showing LIGO, the device from which the hadith in 2016 matched the gravitational wave.

General relativity has been fully established. Einstein tried to combine his general relativity with quantum mechanics. But did not succeed. Scientists today say that the search for quantum gravity will echo the gravitational waves. So then it will not be difficult to get the news inside the black hole.

Three young scientists have predicted quantum gravity by analyzing data found in Ligo in early 2016. Researchers Jahed Abedi, Hannah Dyker and Nayesh Ashrafdi from the Water Lure Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics in Canada. Three researchers say in a scientific article that the inside of a black hole can be extracted by analyzing the echoes of gravitational waves coming from a black hole. In doing so, perhaps the principle of Einstein’s great unified theory can be found. If so, we will soon be able to solve the long-pending scientific mysteries.

Hello friends! I am Zihad. And I love to writing and learning new things.

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